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Fossee the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fossee the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spirits are high at Kute’n’Krispy! Our loyal reader Fosse wrote in this morning to tell us what a huge fan of the blog he is. Domo Arigato Fosse!

In other news, KFC is trying to make amends after the Oprah show disaster! They meant well but many of us took a cab to the Richmond only to find this:

KFC Oprah

KFC Oprah

Boba is delicious but not after you drove accross town dreaming of fried meat. Needless to say we had a bad taste in our greasy mouths until this week when KFC announced their new deal:

12 piece chicken, 4 bisquits, 2 sides all for $9.99*

*The only catch is that to use the coupon you are required to unthink KFC.

I very busy with my study. I am studying to be pharmacist one day. For this reason, I cannot update my blog as much as I would like. But do not despair!

For there is my new favorite website for now… http://www.cuteoverload.com/



That is the question.

But with a pugmug like this; we will not keep him in Guantanomo Bay any longer still. He is free to go; and to play!

Hello everybody. My name Thuy. I live in San Francisco and weigh 90lbs. And I like to dance. I want to move to Tokyo one day and open my own buttermilk fried chicken shack.

Welcome to my new blog Kute’n’Krispy.