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Here ye! Here ye! In honor of the most recent Femme Fatale to join Miss Britney Spears’ world tour, we are sponsoring the first ever Lil Nicki Look-A-Like Kontest.


Last Week we asked our readers to submit piks of their pooches doing their best Nicki Minaj impersonation…How you doin?

The only catch was that only inkredibly kute puppies were allowed to enter and our loyal followers did not dissapoint…..Regulators!!!!! Mount Up!

Kontestant #1

Pink Wig for Dogs

There could be a Pantene Pro-V commercial in your future

Kontestant #2


Not sure if that’s a wig or your real hair but way to play hard to get

Kontestant #3

bulldog pink wig

Bravo to our plus size entrant Joanie Pie

Kontestant #4

white dog pink wig

Kan u say Blue Steel? You better work bitch!

Kontestant #5

pug pink wig

Who knew Virgina was home to the kutest pugs on Earth? Frank the Tank, Frank the Tank!

Kontestant #6

Yorkie Pink Wig

Walk of Shame after a long night with Frank

Kontestant #7

King Charles pink hair extension

Understated and Elegant – way to personalize the look

Vote as much as you want. The polls officially close this Friday at Midnight

KuteNKrispy will be live from the trenches of the Femme Fatale Tour Las Vegas Show – Time for Total Doll Domination!

Femme Fatale Tour_Nicki and Britney

Luckily, Hooters Hotel stepped up. Not only did they comp our rooms. They also comped us $100 of “promotional slot play”, two blended drinks, and the deciding factor…. all we can eat 25cent HOT WINGS or as we call it “Promotional Bone Play”!!!!

So here is your plug Hooters Hotel and Casino…. You earned it!

Hooter Hotel las vegas

hot wings hooters girls

Heehee…American kulture so funnie

hooters hot wing special

And dont forget…Support your local Wing Shoppe! Who needs Groupon when its already Wingsday?

I was at Karaoke last night and someone gave me some soju…or so i thought. It was not soju but some very high end vodka called Royal Gate.


Next thing I know I was wearing this… singing “Careless Whisper” by George Michael…


Dear Mr. Santa,

I have been good girl this year.  Here are my fantasy Christmas List:

– Gift Certificate to Church’s Chicken


– Tamagotchi


– Cute Overload Calendar http://www.cuteoverload.com/ 


– Britney Spears – Circus CD


– Deep Fryer





Hooray!!! Britney Spears is back and better than ever!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Kute’n’Krispy has found a secret Promo code to buy tickets now before they go on sale. Biggest Britney fans only please!!! Get your tickets now before they sell out INSTANTLY.

And dont worry, if you are low on YEN I will be taping a bootleg version of the concert on my camera phone available for limited swapmeet distribution.


Britney Spears iheartbritney circus tour promo

I LUV pOp music!!! Do you LUV PoP Music?

I dance to this many time after strawberry sake…or even 2 many thai iced teas!!!! hahahaha

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Here are a few of my favorite people in the whole world. One day I hope to be as successful and beautiful as all of them!!!