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Lionhead Bunnie

Lionhead Bunnie

Lionhead Bunnies are the new chihuahua. Lionhead bunnies make a great pet and a hella kute accessorie for any outfit! They are quiet and can be trained – perfect for apartment living. Plus they love to travel around the city with you everywhere you go –  a real life Tamagotchi! These adorable lil guys will make you forget all your abandonement issues while pulling off leggings and a skirt that would otherwise be too matchy-matchy.
Fossee the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fossee the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spirits are high at Kute’n’Krispy! Our loyal reader Fosse wrote in this morning to tell us what a huge fan of the blog he is. Domo Arigato Fosse!

In other news, KFC is trying to make amends after the Oprah show disaster! They meant well but many of us took a cab to the Richmond only to find this:

KFC Oprah

KFC Oprah

Boba is delicious but not after you drove accross town dreaming of fried meat. Needless to say we had a bad taste in our greasy mouths until this week when KFC announced their new deal:

12 piece chicken, 4 bisquits, 2 sides all for $9.99*

*The only catch is that to use the coupon you are required to unthink KFC.

simba the long haired chihuahua

Simba from San Diego

This is Simba. He lives in San Diego and loves to eat Pho! Gulty Pleasures: starring at the sun, cereal snacks, sticking his tongue out at you

Is Simba the cutest long haired chihuahua ever?! You decide.  Let us know what you think!

I was at Karaoke last night and someone gave me some soju…or so i thought. It was not soju but some very high end vodka called Royal Gate.


Next thing I know I was wearing this… singing “Careless Whisper” by George Michael…



And many more!


I wish I had my own pink dolphin to swim with. I like to swim. My yorkie and chihuahua Aoki and Pocky dont like to get wet but they do love chicken. Whats next? Real Live Unicorns ?!?

parade1Hello Hello Friends! Its me Thuy. Chinese New Year rivaled the Great Grunion Run of ’89.  I even met Mayor Gavin Newsome! I even got so hungry I ate 4 dollar Vietnamese food after at Tu-Lan.  What a Greasy Delight! I ordered Bun Bo Hue. Too Spicey!!!