Kate Middleton Dog Look-A-Likes

Posted on: April 29, 2011

Hey Kute’N’Krispy Fans!!!! Time to get your eyes wide… its pollster Fridayzzz!!!!!

In honor of the Royal Wedding, we are dying to know…

What breed of Dog does Princess Kate Middleton most resemble?

A) Spaniel

Spaniels are just like Kate…commoners that dream of becoming royalty one day by marrying a Cavalier King Charles.

B) Lhasa Apso

The future is so bright, Kate’s gotta wear shades…and kuz she is hella hungover, doy

C) Chinese Crested


I must have got a hold of some bad Kimchee in my Korean taco today because I’m seeing DOUBLE! This one could be too close to call!!!!!

We wanna hear from all our fans via comment. Most insightful comment will receive a free case of Kona Deep Bottled Sea Water!!!

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