Posted on: December 15, 2008



For those of our loyal readers who ever wondered where they might find the HOTTEST Chicken Wings in the World this is the post for you.

Wingstreet, Pizza Hut’s disgruntled bastard child, has created the SPICIEST Chicken wings on the PLANET EARTH. Be sure to order them SCREAMIN’ HOT with the option of Bone-In or Bone-Out. While 8-Piece recommends Bone-In in more ways than one, HelloIkko prefers the 100% white meat Bone-Out Tenders.

Possible Side-Effects Incude:

-Numbness of Mouth




-Pacing back and forth

-And a senseless instinctual desire to consume MORE WINGS

-Excessive Head Sweat

-Diarrhea and Explosive Gas

Be warned that these wings will be delivered to your door in a pool of molten lava (As a matter of fact, the first pizza was cooked using the Screamin’ Hot sauce). Further, the chicken is protected by a forcefield created by a lubricant sauce additive which repels even the thickest and creamiest of RANCHs.

But dont worry…Kute’n’Krispy has found the ANTIDOTE!!!


And dont forget to check out Andre’s myspace page http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=18856955

1 Response to "SCREAMIN’ HOT ORGASM"

As a chicken expert, I can confirm that screamin hot wings are indeed the hottest wings known to man. Although they should be handled with caution, they are indeed the most delectable of treat for the serious hot wing connoisseur. kudos wing street!

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