Chug or Pughuahua?

Posted on: December 3, 2008


That is the question.

But with a pugmug like this; we will not keep him in Guantanomo Bay any longer still. He is free to go; and to play!

12 Responses to "Chug or Pughuahua?"

Its a Pughuahua for sure

No it’s a chug get your facts straight.

Hey i have a pughuahua!I just want to assure everyone!half pugs half chihuahua’s are NOT called chugs!They are called pughuahua’s!Chugs are a cross between a chow chow and a pug so BAMMM! =p lol

We have 8 month old Pughuahua that looks exactly this one! They are a sweet breed…Very loving but demanding!

r u sure? i got a pughuahua from my aunt in FL for my b-day… she said it was a chug…. yeah… but today, my teacher put a question asking what we wanted to learn and she put “human anatomy”… we were in social studies! she was going nuts for the next 3 hours about it! she a nut, i must say.

sorry, “she” is my friend

That puppy is super cute…… It depends how much chihuahua or how much pug because i have a CHUG that is super cute too but he is more chihuahua than pug so the “ch” comes first not the “p”.

I personally like Pughuahua more than Chug. Yours is almost as cute as mine 🙂

i cant even pronounce the P word so im just going to call it chug plus it sounds really cute !!

Really they are called CHIUG. Using the first and last syllable of each name whereas CHIHUAHUA and PUG. Chi-ug ok

I like the name CHIUG. I have a brindle CHIUG that is 5 months old. He is driving me crazy with the housebreaking. I’ll be glad when he is older and better.

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