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I LUV pOp music!!! Do you LUV PoP Music?

I dance to this many time after strawberry sake…or even 2 many thai iced teas!!!! hahahaha

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2 Kute to eat….J/K Pass the mustard!!!

1. Church’s Chicken Shoppe


Krispiest and Saltiest. Pairs best w/ Mickey’s Grenades. Support your local Shoppe as their numbers are dwindling.

2. Popeye’s Chicken n’ Biscuits


Delicious Biscuits – Bee sure to ask for EXTRA honey. My fav is the spicey dark meat. Caution: Founder died recently of heart attack but that doesn’t mean anything.

3. Louisiana Fried Chicken

louisiana fried chicken

louisiana fried chicken

Absolutely delicious!!! Please note: Biscuits are really Rollz and all sides are microwaved in front of you. Nevertheless the skin is so KRISPIE and SALTIE!!! Be sure to ask for their homemade hot sauce. KA$H ONLY

4. KFC


Distant last place. Will only patronize out of convenience. Quality has plummeted since the Kernel passed. RIP

Here are a few of my favorite people in the whole world. One day I hope to be as successful and beautiful as all of them!!!





Hello everybody. My name Thuy. I live in San Francisco and weigh 90lbs. And I like to dance. I want to move to Tokyo one day and open my own buttermilk fried chicken shack.

Welcome to my new blog Kute’n’Krispy.